Where have you been?


I will be honest with you, I didn’t go for any vacation yet if this is what you were thinking. I just got into a weird mood in a past few weeks, I felt kind of drained so I wasn’t posting at all. But just to give you a quick blur I got some pictures to share from what was happening:

There was unexpected blooming in my garden

Our 6th year anniversary, celebrated at The CN Tower restaurant

with a gluten free dinner;)

I met with a new born baby boy Marcus, our friends’ first baby

This picture, btw got me to consider quitting weight training…

Yesterday my dog got freshly backed dog treats

Family BBQ

but only our niece Lily looks good on these pictures.

I probably missed tons of small things that were happening. We are now 2 weeks before going for our vacation to Europe (visiting my family in Poland and going for a Mediterranean Cruise). I am slowly getting excited about it.

I tried TRX, I got into running  and I am quite happy about it. I made a few recipes but didn’t catch it in a picture but stay tuned for upcoming recipes soon.

till next time,



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