Chicago get away


I am sorry for neglecting you but I really needed a break from …everything pretty much: daily routines, working out, worrying about what to eat&cook, what to teach, how to manage my schedule etc. Finally I motivated Tom to get away for the weekend. Of course New York was our first choice but since it’s crazy hot over there right now and it feels like we just came back from it, we decided to see something new.

Chicago was on our radar.  It’s reasonably close (8hr drive) so we could go there for just a couple of days.
We left on Friday morning, the drive was smooth both ways, even thou it was a long weekend in Canada. Unfortunately I packed only snacks to go and we needed to stop at one of the three “restaurant” chains you typically see by the highway:Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Subway for lunch. I do not want to comment on that, I know that fast foods chains are trying to add “healthier options” to their menu but they really should taste this food first, before serving it…blehhh

Anyway, I, we, didn’t really have any expectations from Chicago or plans what to do there. Like with NY we kind of knew how it looks like and what we want to see but Chicago was more spontaneous and adventurous – which I liked.

Sightseeing: downtown Chicago is beautiful no question about that. The whole “Loop” and the waterfront is really impressive and I can wander these streets all day long and experience the atmosphere of this city. I love the blend of architecture and modernity; bridges and “ ugly” overhead trains that sink into the Chicago image. We didn’t plan on going to any of museums, the only thing that we were both excited about was to see The Shedd Aquarium but the line was so long in the middle of the hot hot day that we gave up. We walked everywhere, taking lots of pics; at the end of the day we were so tired that there was no chance or urge to experience any of the night life in Chicago;)
Food: of course my mission was to stay as close to a clean diet as possible, even better -vegan diet;) and convince Tom that he can do it with me. I am always really concern about my GI issues and especially when it comes to eating out. I researched vegan restaurants (or at least the one with the vegan or gluten free options) and unfortunately the one I found were pretty far away from the place we stayed. I managed to drag Tom to The Protein Bar and that was a success!!! This place has everything I need from food; main focus is protein and you can choose to eat it in any form you like: vegan or meat or powder. I was amazed by the variety of choices I had there and that I could eat a huge meal and just walk out without having any stomach issues what so ever. We came back twice. Other places we tried were,,,just Ok.
Of course I had my things that I wanted to check (like visiting Trader Joe’s store that we don’t have in Canada) and Tom’s mission was the deep dish pizza- so we went. , OMG so good, so heavy so unhealthy so good. I needed to stuffed myself with probiotics and digestive enzymes after so I could still be awake and not to fall in to a coma after…but still this is one dish that you have to try in Chicago.
Summary: Chicago was a great get away destination, relaxing atmosphere, lots of things happening in waterfront, reminds me Europe. You can easily spend a weekend there without getting bored. Next time we will probably explore further from the downtown to check out more places/restaurants and plan ahead of time. It’s always a great idea to get away and have a break from your daily routine…

Check out the pics:

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