Homemade Oat yogurt with chia seeds and frozen raspberries


I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. I spent my Saturday as usually working for half a day and then catching up with shopping etc.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to relax at my friends’ house.

I feel drained physically and mentally; in some kind of crises right now. Maybe that’s why I have a hard time to be calm, organized, motivated and even to share some things with you; hopefully it will pass.
But today I can finally share this recipe with you. I was waiting 2 days to actually make sure that the method works.

Trying to live a healthy diet or eating mostly vegan can be challenging when you were raised on dairy. I am having such a hard time to avoid/limit my dairy intake not only because I simply like it but also it just helps with my GI problems. I found this recipe and I thought I will give it a try. I love my overnight oats in all versions but I have never thought about fermenting them and creating cultural bacterial on my own. It came out great so if you are fun of yogurts try this!

Homemade Oat Yogurt
Oat yogurt can be done with raw or cooked oats. You can use any groats you like (rolled oats, steel cut ) but for the best nutrition start with raw unprocessed oat groats (gluten free if you have). Place the oats in a ceramic bowl and cover with water overnight. The next day put it in a food processor and blend it until smooth. I can eat it already, delicious and smooth. Next step is to let them ferment.

Use a ceramic bowl to avoid reaction between acids (produced during the fermentation) and metal container. Cover with the plate or cloth to keep dust away and not allow to dry. Choose a warm, sunny place and stir it from time to time. Try it once in a while and if it’s sufficiently acidic you can use is right away or place it in a fridge to stop the fermentation process.

If you let it ferment a long time, it gets more sour. That means there are more of the beneficial bacteria, and the beneficial acids..It’s
creamy because of the high fat content, so the result resembles milk yogurt or sour cream. If you make it thicker, and let it get more sour, it will be more like sour cream.

These friendly micro-organisms called Lactobacilli are everywhere. Are linked with friendly bacteria that naturally live in your large intestine. They like starch and fiber and will reproduce well if we give them the medium of water, starch and fiber. Type of bacteria that grow will depend on what we feed them. Micro-organisms produce substances that suppress their rivals, so good Lactobacilli produce acids that fight fungi, yeast and bad bacteria.
Eating fermented foods like in dairy yogurt, sauerkraut, kim chi, kefir, sourdough bread, etc helps promote the growth of the good bacteria that live in your colon, and reduces the growth of Candida and other problematic organisms.
Now you can play with it and eat however you wish. I added chia seeds and frozen raspberries first. But I imagine you can add any sweeteners, nuts, chocolate chips even protein powders or add it to your shakes and Enjoy!

Let me now how you like it.

Till next time



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