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What I need is to: MEDITATE; tips how to start


Being easy on myself is one thing that is super hard for me. I am used to being in a rush, and “push push push” as often as I can. Not sure why, some part of my personality, I guess, tell me to always be busy. I am living a hectic life for past few weeks and I am exhausted. Vacation would be great and I am dying for it right now but since it’s not happening I decided to meet my needs with more realistic options.

Why meditations?

My mind and body gets tired. I look at meditation not only as a tool to release stress but also as a doorway to self discovery; seeking what’s under the layers of a daily struggle. And yes, it doesn’t have to be meditation on it’s own,you can choose many different paths or tools for healing and finding well being.

I love taking meditation classes, workshops, listen to guided meditation even while I am driving but doing this on my own,,,yyyy it’s a different story and might be a very frustrating process. I am sure, I am not the only one that thinks his way.

Being guided by someone gives you steps that you can “just follow” and a time frame that you already committed to be there and you don’t have to rush anywhere. It won’t do the job for you but it’s easier to start with it. All together this results in achieving the inner peace that we are looking for. Sounds like a great deal-right?

Meditating on your own takes courage to even start, committing to do it on a regular basis is a success already.

Tips how to meditate

  1. Start with giving yourself permission to do it. Set up a time of the day where without excuses you can just sit with yourself for a while. So don’t start when you have cookies in the oven, your husband is watching Tv out loud, you are hungry, tired etc because I guarantee you that it will not work.
  2. Find a space in your home that you can dedicate for meditation. Where ever you feel comfortable, is not disturbing, you like being there. It’s quiet ans safe; maybe surround yourself with your favorite things or aromas. It doesn’t mean that if you are on vacation you can not meditate;)It’s just the indication for you so you know where to go.
  3. Be open-minded and let go of any expectations. Don’t stress about how meditation should look like. It’s yours and only your personal practice so be OK with it. It can be frustrating; it can be challenging or may bring some emotions or negative thoughts or memories. Let them arise so you can sit on it, accept it and let them go.
  4. My teacher told me to set up a timer-I think it’s a genius advice. How many times you will check how long are you sitting already,,,,It’s going to be the longest 1-5 minutes ever but you won’t have to worry about it.
  5. Find a posture that works for you. Lying down, sitting cross legged, on the pillow, on you knees And use props for support (blocks and blankets).Hmm I really like lying down but there is something in our brain that shuts and tells your body that this is the time for total relaxation which may end up with falling asleep;) Not a bad thing of course but maybe first you want a conscious meditation. Your choice of course. You don’t want to feel any pain in your body so if a sited posture doesn’t work, don’ force yourself. At the same time find and distinguish between being uncomfortable and being fidgety…see if you can avoid any urge to move around. Learning how to control your mind, becoming still is what you want.
  6. Use different techniques:counting your breaths, focusing on one thing and imagine it (visualization), observing your body and your breath, Cakra meditation etc. Choose the one that works best.
  7. Practice, practice, practice-don’t give up

So this is what I am working on, hopefully it helps. If you have any comments, tips or specific techniques please let me know.



The Weekender in pictures- Yoga Show 2012


It’s late Sunday night but I am still thinking about the Yoga Show in Toronto that I went to on Saturday. I couldn’t really organize myself on time to sign up for any workshops this year but last minute we decided to go and just walk around and see what’s happening this year. Here are some (not really good) pictures from some of it:

Practicing with Maria Garre

Happy Monday!!!