Rise & Shine


Today I started my new class at 6.30am. I was a little bit nervous to teach so early….Practicing yoga first thing in the morning is
different from actually teaching it. I need to be ready to work, be there before everyone else and obviously speak in a clear manner…and this is not my strongest side in the morning;)
…But maybe it’s all about attitude because I actually felt great afterwords.

Benefits of practicing yoga at sunrise:

The old yoga texts actually claim that sunrise is the best time to practice. Everything around us is still; the air, our thoughts… so it allows us to keep the mind focused.

There are many!!! physical benefits of early morning practice: awakening the body, stretching muscles, improving circulation, stimulate digestion. All together work better then a caffeine kick. It gives us this boost of energy to go through the day.

Yoga breathing helps set and center your mind. You will feel calmer and happier. And you will find that it’s easier to deal with any morning stress and negativity.

Sense of accomplishment-when others are still in bed you’ve already did something good for yourself. You don’t have to worry anymore if you find some time for yoga or any other activity later on during the day because you already did it! You can be proud of yourself!!!

Since you woke up your metabolism you deserve a great breakfast. You can eat more during the day and burn more calories. It improves your digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. Besides, with a clear mind you can listen to your body more effectively and you will make better choices when choosing your food.

There are many more reasons why practice first thing in the morning. I had a decent group of people who like a strong practice so after warming up we managed to get even into a side crow. Afterwords I asked them if they attend this class every day. Well, they do!!! Five times per week before work they welcome their day in a hot room. I learned that having “ a yoga buddy” helps;) – since there are always excuses why you should sleep in longer it’s nice to have someone to motivate you. And if you know that someone is waiting for you, there are none.

So why don’t you give “Rise & Shine! Yoga” a try …who knows…you may just like it.

Have a beautiful weekend,



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