How about homemade Halva?


I have delayed the post with the Valentine’s dessert recipe simple because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Tom.
Days like Valentines require more thought and attention then I would normally put into for an after dinner dessert. And despite the fact that he loves halva, it really bothers me that it is so loaded with the unnecessary ingredients. Every time we are in our grocery store he would buy it and then he wakes up during the night to eat it until it’s done. Do I need to mention his upset stomach in the morning…
So I thought to give it a try..

Honestly I think it’s quite a success. I was not sure how to keep the consistency but I froze it and it was all good.

Healthier  Halva

½ cup sesame seeds (toasted on the pan for a few minutes)
2tbsp of raw Tahini
a pinch of Celtic sea salt
and 1-2 tbsp of honey
raw pistachios

Blend everything together in a food processor. You would need to stop from time to time to scrape down the sides and mix the seeds until it’s well grounded. Shape it into squares and freeze it.
By the time he came home it was waiting for him.

I am pretty excited about this weekend. Lots of happening for us. My yoga studio invited us to a staff party in a circus school tomorrow. I can’t wait to try some acrobatics on the trampoline. Well, if only I have some skills to do so;)
On Sunday we are leaving for Niagara Falls for the night.

And how do you celebrate your Family Weekend?



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