The Weekender


I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. Although I can not complain, still I am constantly jealous how my dog’s life looks like

For most of you it was all about the super bowl, for me it was more just an excuse to try some of the recipes. Thanks to Megan I made some delicious Vegan Nacho Cheez Its on Friday night – it turned out great. I can not eat corn so finally I could enjoy the nachos flavor in these “chips”.

After my Saturday class we decided to visit downtown Toronto and Kensington Market. This place is incredible to check out the newest vegan trends and foods that I can not find anywhere close to me.“Quinoa Crunchies Chocolate” from GoGo Quinoa. Can’t wait to add them to my morning oats-yum;). Besides all the products are cheaper so I stock myself with Kombucha drink and Salba grains (not sure how to use it yet).
Since the current winter in Canada feels like Spring time we walked around a bit and finally finished the day in “Hot Beans”; a vegan restaurant. Yummy huge TVP burrito for me.

Yeah, I ate it all by myself;) and I loved it.
and TVP tacos for Tom.

On Sunday morning I almost cried when my food processor decide to died… Now I am panicking how am I going to survive my week without it. Well, I guess I am on a mission to find a new one this week;(

The only time when I actually watched the Super Bowl was at the half time Madonna show. After I got all hyped up with her yoga moves. I went upstairs to practice and finished my day.

Happy Monday everyone!!!



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