Vegan restaurant review and Vegan Chocolate Almond Cups


I know I am extremely late with my post recently and I apologize.

Last week was as usually: running around, teaching, working out, trying new desserts;))) recipes and yes, of course trying to get decent lunches and dinners. It seems to me that I have the most difficulties making a meal for myself. I can’t  decide what am I going to eat the next day and then when I come back home for lunch I am starving and nothing is prepared.

During the weekend I was hoping to make a dinner for us so Tom and I can actually sit together and eat… but instead we ended up running errands and forgetting about grocery shopping. We needed to either go out or order take out. Hmm, and here was the dilemma: what kind of take out can I have with my very restrictive diet? There are many restaurants that are not really health conscious. Lots of Thai, Indian food or in general family restaurants around… I tried them and I always ended up with being sick after wards-so no thank you. Without going for a special mission to Toronto there are only a few vegan places that I can count on. Finally we went to Port Credit to “RawAura organic Cuisine”. I think it’s my favorite place so far. I am really in love with theirs burrito (Burstin’ Burrito). The wrap is so rich in flavor plus the stuffing is just phenomenal. Tom had Yellow Coconut Curry Noodles which I think was great too. For starters we ordered a Mediterranean Plater with Living bread and 3 different dips. So now I am on a mission to figure out how I can make my own Living bread so rich and soft. You couldn’t tell that it was made in a dehydrator. Not sure how am I going to make it but definitely it’s is something I want to learn. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Dessert was at home: Vegan Chocolate Almond Cups:

Mix and melt together on the stove
½ cup of chocolate carob chips
2 tbsp of almond milk +2 tbsp of coconut oil
I can’t never get the perfect consistency in the microwave but you can use it as well.

You can add vanilla extract and some sweeteners such as Agave or a few
drops of Stevia. Pour into cupcakes liners on the bottom.
1 tsp of almond butter +1 almond on top and cover with another layer of chocolate. Freeze it.

My Birthdays is today. I hope I am almost depressed;) Birthday party is due on Saturday.
Question: Do you making your own healthy cake or do you just order
one? Tom said I should do my own cake -any thoughts or ideas???

Talk to you soon




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