At the end of the year life is pretty good


and I mean it. I can not complain this week. I took a break from work for Christmas time and I am simply enjoying it day by day. I can not remember the last time when I took a nap in the middle of the day without fear that I will oversleep and be late to my classes or when I read a book in the middle of the day. Tom is off too so we synchronized our workouts routines in the morning and in the evening I am taking my yoga. It took me a few days to get used to be at home during the week and just relax but have to admit – I love it. If only I could live without rushing (in this pace) when I got back to my typical work life…

Well, it’s another idea for the New Year’s Resolution-I guess.

 And what about you-how do you spend your Christmas break? Does it feel weird for you to be at home and have nothing to do beside relaxing?

 As we are getting closer to the weekend and New Year’s Eve celebration, I am getting all these thoughts about what’s coming and this almost past year…I am sure you are with me on this one.

So to wrap it up:my year was TOUGH, shook me completely out off my roots but now I think the changes were positive. Many events happened that changed my perspective on life and how it supposed to be. First of all I change my job and life style completely. Yes, it was a pretty traumatic experience but turns out that now I can do what I really love and what I believe in. At the end of the year I can say:it was the best thing that could happen to me.

I do love teaching yoga full time and I wouldn’t turn back to my paper work and corporate world.

I do love people with whom I work and am surrounded by.

I do love positive progress with health and I can take care of it.

I do love to wake up everyday.

I do love that I can take time to develop my interests and I have time for keeping myself in shape.

 So for New Year there is not too much left to wish for. I hope my family and I will continue to live a healthy and joyful life where we can find peace and balance in everyday rush. And this is what I wish You All as well in 2012!!!

Of course there is always room for improvement and I am making some resolutions for myself (hopefully not only for January;)-we all do it and as long as it will be a realistic vision I believe we can keep it and make it happen.

I wish you a fantastic New Year !!!




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