Christmas decorating and tasty Parsley Basil Pesto for dinner


Last weekend was all about preparation to the upcoming Christmas. We spent our weekend on Christmas shopping and finally creating some Christmas spirit in this house. This year I tried to go easy with the decor and so I don’t feel overwhelmed by ornaments hanging out from the celling wherever I look around. Simplicity is my theme this year. Don’t you love an evening when we dress up the Christmas tree, while carols are playing in the background.

Some Christmas ornaments:

My favorite Christmas ornament that I got a few years ago at the Nutcracker Ballet.

A creative Christmas Candle holder

We had Parsley Basil Pesto for dinner.

*Adding parsley to your diet prevents water retention in your body – especially useful when you feel bloated. You can add parsley to your smoothies, green juices or create an easy meal.


½ bunch of parsley

½ bunch of basil

½ cup of pine nuts

2 cloves of garlic ( I used garlic powder)

salt& pepper to taste

3tbsp Virgin olive oil

To increase volume I added kale leafs

rice noodles ( “Tai-Tai Vermicelle”)

Cook the noodles according to the recipe. Toast pine nuts in the oven for around 10 min. Mix the rest of the ingredients in the blender or food processor. Transfer on to the pan:noodles, blended pesto and pine nuts. Cook for a few minutes stirring together until it gets softened. Enjoy.




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