Sunday sweethearts


I hope your weekend was just as beautiful as mine. The weather was gorgeous so after worked my weekend morning classes I spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the sun.

On Saturday afternoon we visited our friends, proud parents of two little twin boys (I love these guys!). Maybe you remember from my previous post my favorite family in Waterdown. The evening was fun. Their family grew by one member – Charlie the cat. We tried to introduce Charlie to Sophie. Unfortunately the cat was not impressed by this idea and they are not friends so far.

On Sunday after my class we took the dog and drove to our old hidden spot in town for a walk. It’s amazing how fresh air and nature can improve your mood and energy level.

This walk definitely turn up our appetite so we came back I went straight to prepare dinner. Chicken salad with hummus for me and a chicken cutlet for Tom. Well, yeah …I know “meat in the house” today. Ironically I am very good at making cutlets so he ate more than one.

The best part was after dinner – something that starts with a letter “s”. Sunday dessert, let’s call it: “ Sunday sweethearts” from now on. Thank you Averie for the recipe! My two favorite ingredients: Almond butter and flax seeds-no guilt what so ever.

3tbsp of Almond butter

½ cup of flax seeds

3tbs Maple Syrup

2 tbsp of melted Coconut oil

a few drops of Almond Extract

I just blended everything together and form into 4 heart shapes cookies. I added some chocolate chips on top and put it into a freezer for 10 minutes. You need to try it!

Have a great rest of the weekend guys,





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