Don’t make your Friday stressful!!!


Hey Guys,

Impossible… it’s already Friday and I guess I slept through Monday&Tuesday. I can’t even recall what I was doing  these past few days. Anyway since we are here: Happy Friday!!!
First morning observation that I want to share is that apparently my dog is VEGAN. Her bowl is full with her breakfast but, no, she is not interested in eating it. Instead she grabbed half of Tom’s sandwich that was in his pocket from yesterday – Seitan avocado sandwich and seriously she almost bit my fingers off. I told him it’s delicious! At least Sophie can appreciate my efforts here;)

Other thing that I catch myself today is that I am very good at making my life hectic and stressful. Friday is one of the not many days in my week when I have half day off, so obviously I want to make use of that. I was planning to hit the gym and afterwords do groceries and then go to the hot yoga class. Hmm…Quite a lot to do in the morning especially that I know I have to work in the afternoon, make dinner in between and so on…I was debating on this plan for a while, probably took me longer then just to do it. Somehow I felt stressed that I need to rush to make it happen. And then I heard: “Don’t make your Friday stressful”.
So true…why anyone would do it to themselves if there is no real point. No one is forcing me to do both things in one morning. Just, I guess my mind is playing guilt trips on me…After wasting my morning stressing out I am just going to the gym and after coming back to do my home practice if I feel like it… Yeah, that’s the plan.

Do I always need to have a plan for every day in my week? My advice: think twice
if it’s worth it to stress out.
Do you have similar experiences that you want to do everything at a time?
Let me know.

And Have a Happy free of stress Friday!



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