Rainy days


It’s raining cats and dogs for the past week and I think the beautiful part of the Fall season it’s over;( The only advantage is that I can finally use my rain boots while walking with Sofie.

Rainy weather makes me feel yaky and kind of.. off the balance. I would love to just slip under a warm blanket with the good book and coffee (maybe Latte?).

Unfortunately I still need to go out; At least the hot room is filled with lots of sweaty bodies and we can create heat and positive vibes from the inside out.

The only exciting news for me is that I was asked to co-teach a partner yoga workshop on Saturday. I took a few partner yoga classes and I love it, but I have never taught one so I am off to meet with my partner Julie today to practice flying in the air.

After I am teaching 2 classes tonight: Sculpt and Groovy Yoga. Should be fun.
Stay tuned.




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