Packing to NY-what should I take?


Hey bloggis,

I hope your days were less chaotic than mine this week. After a bad night sleep I woke up at 6 today. Even thou I am an early bird in this house I love to surround myself with quiet in the morning, just to get set my mind for the rest of my days. But I need to be rested. Instead for a last few days I am not feeling well at all: with my belly, I have weird dreams and I am just fatigue all the time. Having said that a lots of things going on and I am maybe anxious because of that and excited as well.

First of all this time I am really looking forward to my upcoming-extended-weekend. I am leaving for NY on Saturday morning. Yupi! It was my dream to actually get away from my life and second to see NY in the fall. We didn’t really go anywhere this summer so this was what I was waiting for. So chaotic this week was … I am just thinking about my trip now. .

I didn’t have time to cook anything separate for myself this week so yesterday Tom prepared a lunch for me after I came back from the studio. Delicious Salmon with the green raspberry salad and Sesame oil.

Thank you, it was delightful.

Then I ran to the photo shoot at the studio. Oh yeah, It was weird…I am not a fan of posing but this was obligatory for the stuff. I just followed what the guy was telling me to do. I don’t expect great results from that. Not to mention we were doing this in a hot room but let’s wait and see.

Any trips make me anxious about how am I going to feel there, what I will be eating and if I can enjoy my time. We will stay in the hotel so obviously there won’t be chance to cook! Maybe that’s a good thing;) but I need to be very careful so I am planning what to take with us to have access to my safety food as well. I made Gluten/guilt/ free breakfast almond cookies already and roasted some almonds for the ride. Should I take oats: cooked or raw-with me? I bought a small packages of soy beverages as a milk substitute. I even have a small kettle for coffee and tea to the hotel. What else? Can I take any nut butter? Am I going to survive without it;)

Thanks to The Fitnessista for sharing the recipe. I changed it a little bit.

1 cup of Almond flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 3 tbsp grapeseed oil, 3 tbsp almond butter, 1/4 cup of Maple syrup, 1 egg,

1 tsp lemon juice. Combine all ingredients. Bake for 15-20 min in 350 F.

I researched about healthy places to eat around the hotel so in general it should be Ok but it’s better to be prepared. I think the most concerns I have is with my breakfasts. I like them on the sweet side as smoothies, oats in all variations.

Besides the food-should I take my workout equipment with me? Should I go to the gym or have a real vacations? Meh… knowing me-there is no such thing as a vacation from yoga or working out so maybe in a different form but we probably won’t skip this part.
Any thoughts on this for me, please advise.

And how you are preparing for your trips?

Besides if you didn’t notice yet – I am so excited!!!!I don’t think I will be sleeping much tonight. I think NY is one of the cities where I always wanted to go and melt there in between buildings…

Although It’s gonna rain…. so I will soak there for sure;).I promise to log my life there so stay tuned.



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