My Happy 5th Anniversary Post


So here we are, 5 years later after we got married. Wasn’t so bad actually, right?

Today at 6 am in the morning my mom’s friend called my cell, telling me that she needs to talk to Mr. Tomasz. She said, she is calling from one of the institution is Poland. So what his number is-she asked. I barely could remember. Since we were living there for a while it was ,,,,possible that maybe someone needs to straighten up something. I passed the phone half awake. Then my mom got to the phone reminding my husband  that we have the anniversary today. How nice of her. My mood lightened up.

Thank you Tomi  for all those years. I know you remember and I know we both will try not to get into any arguments today. It’s our fifth year together- somehow they called it “The Wooden Anniversary”, meaning more solid I guess. We both have a busy day but apparently we have some secret plans on the weekend to celebrate that and I can’t wait.

Happy Anniversary Tomi!!!

PS. I love the quote from the card:

Long before I said “I do” my heart and my soul belonged to you.

with love Izabela

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