Cheating my cardio training or time efficiency?


Everyone knows that cardiovascular training is something that we All should do to keep our heart healthy. Depending on your fitness focus and time you have – you have to adjust this to your lifestyle and your preferences. Well, I don’t really have any preferences because simply I don’t like cardio at all. I already practice yoga, I teach my classes every day and do strength training few times a week. Come on, how I can find time for cardio?

I obviously know that this is what’s missing from my routine and from time to time I have this urge to commit myself to do it.

I had these moments where for a few weeks here and there I was running, then I switched it to elliptical training for maybe half a year and then I stopped again. I just get bored of the machines, I am not a runner and I don’t think I will ever become one. Although if you have any ideas how to convince me, I am begging you, feel free to do so!!!

Recently I came up with this “genius” ideas how to trick myself. Maybe not on regular basis but I am trying very hard to stick with it. I either bike or run with dog Sophie (just to make my experience more joyful). The thing is that neither activity is a real intensive form of cardio. Biking is cool, I like it, she likes it and I am saving so much time doing two things at once. First of all I pretend I am doing my cardio, second she can run run run and hopefully after 20-30 minutes of this gallop she can “play death” for the rest of the day. (Ehh, too optimistic, maybe more like a few hours she would lye down calmly). Running is opposite, I am exhausted after 20 minutes ( and I can’t make it longer) and she is just enjoying the beauty of nature, giving me some breaks here and there for sniffing other dogs.

Is it such a bad idea…this two in one combo? Someone needs to walk this dog anyways and Tom kind of abandon her in a past weeks.

Meanwhile I am blogging about it surrounded with my afternoon snack: FIRST flax bread from the dehydrator with a side of homemade guacamole. Sharing my recipes soon to come!

Stay tuned and warm.



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