I Do like Mondays


There is a good old Polish movie called “I hate Mondays”. And I used to have this anxiety on Sunday evening that “I need to be ready and prepare everything for the whole week. So instead of resting, I was running around the house.

Well, I don’t do it anymore and now I can actually experience relaxing moments on Sunday evening and start my week in the better mood. Yesterday I made some Granola to treat us.

Besides there is always something to look for in the upcoming week.

Big Boy arrived!!!

One of the studios I am working at offers snacks made in a dehydrator to their clients. I became a bit addicted to it, especially dried fruits are delicious. Since I am trying to substitute bread in my diet I bought one to make some flat bread or flax crackers.

And it’s here

Hmm,,,, I will probably skip the option of trying some jerky, but dried fruits are ready to be served.

and they taste better than they look!

Now I need to research how to make my flax bread. I will let you know how that goes of course.

Happy Monday!



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