How to make your day a Better Day!


I thought I will share with you some highlights from my day. Let’s just start from the beginning.

Open your eyes and look around you.  Smile to what you see.

Let me introduce you to my best friend Sophie who keeps my company wherever I go.

Refreshing smoothies:Banana blueberry for Him- Green raspberry delight for Her.
Ok, I will admit I love Coffee, can’t live without it (yet) So I need to have it before my breakfast.

Go for a walk or bike ride, watch some breakfast TV, read news, stretch on your mat, pick up some weights.

Reward yourself with a delicious lunch…That was actually a serious dinner!!!

Now is my time to prepare for work, some choreography on the carpet;)
Teach teach teach YOGA!!! Today is a detox class.

Theme for tonight:

“Grow in your sensitivity to toxicity. Trust the messages from your body. Let yourself heal”
– Melody Beattie
See you on the mat yogis.
Oh, I promise to take better pictures next time. New camera on the way.

And what do you do to make your day better?


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