Hectic world or Hectic Me?


A few months ago I was still working at my office job where everything followed a strict schedule. After getting home I was either running to a yoga class, or to the gym. By the time I got to actually prepare for the next day it was around 9 or 10 pm. … This was my hectic life style for over a year. I was getting exhausted to say the least. Now I teach yoga for living. And yes, some pressure melted away. Now I have more time to take care of the house, myself etc but sometimes I still find myself rushing throughout the day. I have this “wonderful” tendency to create a plan for my day, God forbid I would lye down and watch TV for an hour- it would make me feel bored. I guess it’s still a balancing act teaching, working out, running errands, preparing for the class, not too mention driving from one place to another.

I believe that being a yoga instructor is a very rewarding job. Seeing all the smiling faces with relaxed expressions can really empower and convince me that this is where I should be. The negative side of it is that your schedule is all over the places. One hour in the morning here and there, but really I mainly work in the evenings and weekends. Come with the job, I am fine with it. And to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for ANY regular desk job. But what is it with this life? Rat race some call it And yes, of course I am trying to fight against it, meditate, and just slow down. The reason I bring up the rushing and the stress is that I am suffering from IBS for last 4 years and stress just makes it worse. The only way I can feel fine is when I am in total control of my time and eating habits….of course my yoga mat makes me feel safe and calm as well. I am now transforming my everyday living to healthy eating and lots of mindful activities.

This is what I love about yoga, it becomes so clear what serves you and what doesn’t in a particular moment, what your body needs.. The key is to listen to this open dialog between the mind and the body and react; filling up with something that you need and not something you are used to do doing. I guess this is work in progress, And if hectic days appear that’s Ok, we just have to take one day at a time.


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