I was caring on the idea of starting the blog for a while now, waiting for the right moment, when I actually can say something that would make sense, having enough experience. Hiding my thoughts unwritten…
Meanwhile my life has already drastically changed, I had changed and even thou I enjoyed all the chances, and all the choices I had made; still it was not good enough to share it.

Ironically I am the one that keeps telling my students at the end of each yoga class that there is no goal, no such thing as a perfect pose and that we are there to enjoy each breath we take, each step and moment on the yoga mat…and off the mat.

And today…a friend of mine came in to visit me, we were just chatting about blogging and what, how and why. She is the one that told me that I don’t need to wait until something big happens, not to wait for a perfect design or I until I get a full spectrum of what I want this blog to be. I will evolve with it…
so here I am and here is my Yogini’s Self Portrayal

I am a writer, a journalist, Public Relations Specialist and a teacher…here is the funny part – from Poland living in Canada. I came to Canada a few years ago without a specific plan what I will do with my professions here. When I finally settled I got a great “government” job in marketing… Hmm…day by day I felt that this was actually putting me down.

The other side of me was always passionate about movement of my body; dancing for many years, trying different sports disciplines and finally getting to my yoga mat. This was the moment of my life where my self exploration begun. I was hooked instantly and not only physically but most of all emotionally and spiritually. This open heart feeling empowered me to change my life.

I became a Yoga Instructor; combing all the skills that I got into one the most beautiful and rewarding profession I could imagine for my self. I am healing myself physically and emotionally, transforming my life, eating habits, attitude to the world and people around me. I love my life now, I wake up and I know it will be an awesome day and that’s how I want to keep it and share it with you….
Hopefully you can join me on my journey and enjoy it.

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