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My heart is broken


Sophie is sick. She is scratching herself all day and night long for past few days now. No signs for skin infection so we are assuming something is underneath. Tomorrow I will go to the vet to check her but now I just feel so…helpless. I read a lot about dog allergies and the potential parasites but there is nothing about home remedies I can do before she gets a professional help. And I know that everyone who has a pet at home can relate to that. She is kind off “my baby” after all.

Meanwhile I have crazy days, time passes by. It’s already middle of the week and I didn’t post anything yet. I am working on creating the sequence for my new class that starts on Friday. It’s a Yoga Sculp with weights and it’s going to be pretty intensive workout. I am excited about it so cross your fingers!!!

I am also getting addicted to reading others blogs now. Tom is laughing at me that I found “my people”. But he is right ( just a little bit). All I do in my free time is reading and trying all the great recipes you guys are posting. I am very inspired by some of the blogs I found. I am not sure how you can do it, posting all the time, keeping yourself in shape and still, working, living and cooking. On that note I just want to say Thank you to all healthy bloggins community. Not so long ago I was in the point where I gave up fighting with my IBS. Nothing was working but now I am again full of motivation to overcome this

Here is today’s creation- TVP burrito. I left some for Tom wondering about his reaction. I think he is already tired of me trying to feed him with some new and healthy (sometimes meatless) meals. But take a look, doesn’t that make you hungry?

I had one in Kensington Market in Toronto on one of our wondering trip. I love this place, so much going on there so if you are ever visiting Toronto, you need to stop there. I re-create the recipe with my personal touch and he thought he is tasting meat there;)

Need to run, prepare something yummy for the breakfast and get some sleep. Hopefully Sophie can sleep too and tomorrow we will get some help for her.

Stay Warm,


Childhood dreams on the weekend


Hey Bloggis!!!

Sorry for neglecting you but I had a fabulous weekend and this is what was happening. My bouquet of roses first.

I started my Saturday with teaching a yoga class. I felt fatigued in the morning but the students’ energy gave me just a good kick. Then we were running some errands and in the evening was a surprise dinner to me. Tom took me to the restaurant were I wanted to go for a long time. The Blacktree in Burlington serves very distinguished and extravagant dishes. I need to admit the service was spectacular, the staff was knowledgeable and the Chef arranged each dish carefully. The menu changes monthly but I need to say the options of entries are pretty limited. Especially for someone who is not a meat eater. I had a fish with some scallops. A small portion and the combination of tastes was pretty interesting to try and not so heavy to digest afterwords.

The real fun happened on Sunday. I was teaching a yoga-pilates class in the morning just to warm up before we went to see the Cirque du Soleil – ToTem in Toronto. You know that feeling when you are watching something and it brings your childhood dreams back to life? Well this is what happens each time I watch this show. Ever since I remember I was dreaming about a career as a stage performer either in dancing or acrobatics. And honestly I don’t know why we forget about our dreams when we enter adolescence. I spent several years in contemporary dancing and we did perform a lot. I am not sure why I didn’t consider this as real career for myself and just treated it as a hobby. Maybe it was lack of encouragement or me not believing in myself. But when you are standing there just before the show and lights on the stage go on, the curtain is up, the adrenaline raise up to the maximum, and this is where your hard work pays all off . Seeing this type of performances always brings back this warm feeling and memories to my heart.

Totem was great, maybe not as good as Alegria we saw before but there were quite a few breathtaking moments. Acrobats were spectacular, descending on the rope in a Urdhva Dhanurasana (the Wheel pose) or in a duo where she was in the Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance pose) in the air held up by his hand … fascinating to see. Too many comedy sketches for me in between thou. I love the music from their shows. I always ending up with buying the CD. Now I have something to listen to while I am driving.

On that note, as I am a fan of acrobatics. I did a few workshops on Acro and Partner Yoga before and I love it. You can get very creative with the poses. Hopefully I will find more chances to play around with that .

At the end of my evening I was in the kitchen of course;). I created some Almond protein energy bars for the upcoming week.

Let me know how was your weekend?



My Happy 5th Anniversary Post


So here we are, 5 years later after we got married. Wasn’t so bad actually, right?

Today at 6 am in the morning my mom’s friend called my cell, telling me that she needs to talk to Mr. Tomasz. She said, she is calling from one of the institution is Poland. So what his number is-she asked. I barely could remember. Since we were living there for a while it was ,,,,possible that maybe someone needs to straighten up something. I passed the phone half awake. Then my mom got to the phone reminding my husband  that we have the anniversary today. How nice of her. My mood lightened up.

Thank you Tomi  for all those years. I know you remember and I know we both will try not to get into any arguments today. It’s our fifth year together- somehow they called it “The Wooden Anniversary”, meaning more solid I guess. We both have a busy day but apparently we have some secret plans on the weekend to celebrate that and I can’t wait.

Happy Anniversary Tomi!!!

PS. I love the quote from the card:

Long before I said “I do” my heart and my soul belonged to you.

with love Izabela

Cheating my cardio training or time efficiency?


Everyone knows that cardiovascular training is something that we All should do to keep our heart healthy. Depending on your fitness focus and time you have – you have to adjust this to your lifestyle and your preferences. Well, I don’t really have any preferences because simply I don’t like cardio at all. I already practice yoga, I teach my classes every day and do strength training few times a week. Come on, how I can find time for cardio?

I obviously know that this is what’s missing from my routine and from time to time I have this urge to commit myself to do it.

I had these moments where for a few weeks here and there I was running, then I switched it to elliptical training for maybe half a year and then I stopped again. I just get bored of the machines, I am not a runner and I don’t think I will ever become one. Although if you have any ideas how to convince me, I am begging you, feel free to do so!!!

Recently I came up with this “genius” ideas how to trick myself. Maybe not on regular basis but I am trying very hard to stick with it. I either bike or run with dog Sophie (just to make my experience more joyful). The thing is that neither activity is a real intensive form of cardio. Biking is cool, I like it, she likes it and I am saving so much time doing two things at once. First of all I pretend I am doing my cardio, second she can run run run and hopefully after 20-30 minutes of this gallop she can “play death” for the rest of the day. (Ehh, too optimistic, maybe more like a few hours she would lye down calmly). Running is opposite, I am exhausted after 20 minutes ( and I can’t make it longer) and she is just enjoying the beauty of nature, giving me some breaks here and there for sniffing other dogs.

Is it such a bad idea…this two in one combo? Someone needs to walk this dog anyways and Tom kind of abandon her in a past weeks.

Meanwhile I am blogging about it surrounded with my afternoon snack: FIRST flax bread from the dehydrator with a side of homemade guacamole. Sharing my recipes soon to come!

Stay tuned and warm.


I Do like Mondays


There is a good old Polish movie called “I hate Mondays”. And I used to have this anxiety on Sunday evening that “I need to be ready and prepare everything for the whole week. So instead of resting, I was running around the house.

Well, I don’t do it anymore and now I can actually experience relaxing moments on Sunday evening and start my week in the better mood. Yesterday I made some Granola to treat us.

Besides there is always something to look for in the upcoming week.

Big Boy arrived!!!

One of the studios I am working at offers snacks made in a dehydrator to their clients. I became a bit addicted to it, especially dried fruits are delicious. Since I am trying to substitute bread in my diet I bought one to make some flat bread or flax crackers.

And it’s here

Hmm,,,, I will probably skip the option of trying some jerky, but dried fruits are ready to be served.

and they taste better than they look!

Now I need to research how to make my flax bread. I will let you know how that goes of course.

Happy Monday!


Mornings can be sweet and refreshing


I woke up early and since I had plenty of time before my day starts I decided to use it and go for a bike ride with this lady:
She even knows how to smile at the picture. All I need here is a biking basket ( Honey!!!;).

The quietness of the mornings can be very inspiring and refreshing. You can find an amazing place down the road.

After we came back I prepared some delicious breakfast.

Now I am ready to start my day! Lots of work ahead.

How to make your day a Better Day!


I thought I will share with you some highlights from my day. Let’s just start from the beginning.

Open your eyes and look around you.  Smile to what you see.

Let me introduce you to my best friend Sophie who keeps my company wherever I go.

Refreshing smoothies:Banana blueberry for Him- Green raspberry delight for Her.
Ok, I will admit I love Coffee, can’t live without it (yet) So I need to have it before my breakfast.

Go for a walk or bike ride, watch some breakfast TV, read news, stretch on your mat, pick up some weights.

Reward yourself with a delicious lunch…That was actually a serious dinner!!!

Now is my time to prepare for work, some choreography on the carpet;)
Teach teach teach YOGA!!! Today is a detox class.

Theme for tonight:

“Grow in your sensitivity to toxicity. Trust the messages from your body. Let yourself heal”
– Melody Beattie
See you on the mat yogis.
Oh, I promise to take better pictures next time. New camera on the way.

And what do you do to make your day better?